Fundraising for the movie about the legendary fighter pilot
Lydia Litvyak — a Soviet fighter pilot. Ace. Hero. She holds first place in the women fighter pilots ranking. Her name has been there since August 1943. And, most probably, will stay there forever.
Over the past almost eighty years, none of the female aces have come close to such a number of combat kills. Except for Katerina Budanova — a fellow soldier and Lily's best friend. Katerina holds second place.

Their regiment flew on Yak-1 fighter aircrafts. It covered attack aircrafts, transporters and ground troops. They fought over Stalingrad, Rostov and Mius Front. They converged in battles with German fighters, bombers and scouts. They returned from combat sorties with empty tanks and holes, fell on enemy territory, burned and sat on their belly, saved friends, suffered losses, were injured and returned to duty again and again...
They won and became legends.
On the first of August 1943, Lilya Litvyak was almost 22 years old. That day her plane took off for the last time and remained in the sky forever...

Who are we?
We are not heroes, but we are descendants of heroes. In 2016, we released our first movie, "Panfilov's 28". During its creation, we have grown to over 35,000 people. "Panfilov's 28" is now the name of our studio. And we make movies about real heroes.
Today we are making a new movie. We are everyone, who is taken part in its creation, one way or another. Everyone who needs it and cannot stand aside. Everyone who helped, helps and is just about to help. There are a lot of us and every day we grow bigger.
What do we want?
We rely on the memory of our ancestors' heroism and want new generations to build on it. We want to live in a society of people who are capable of actions. We need movies about great deeds and even greater people. We want to watch these movies and show them to our children. We do not wait. We create them ourselves.
Why are we making a movie about Lydia Litvyak?
Lydiya Litvyak is the greatest air ace woman, and she is our compatriot. She's a legend that is known worldwide but hardly remembered in her homeland.
It shouldn't be like this! And it won't be.
Lydia Litvyak is our national hero! Any first grader should know this name. This is how it should be. We we will tell you about her!
Why are we doing this?
We are the last generation that caught alive and healthy the participants of the Great Patriotic war. We are the last of those who heard their voices, saw their eyes, could touch and kiss them goodbye. There are no other grateful descendants besides ourselves. Our duty is to remember them, and we are to be the ones to be held accountable for it.
It must be preserved. Nobody will do it for us.
That's what we do it for.
Andrey Shalopa
Producer, Director and Screenwriter writer of the movie "Litvyak"
What can't we do without?
We can't do without the support of like-minded people. Without energy input. Without joint efforts.

We can' t do it alone and in small numbers either. It can't be done without me. And it can't be done without you, too.
You and your contribution, that's what cannot be done without!

There is nobody else besides us. Don't be afraid we won't be strong enough. Enough!
We will not wait. And we will not stop.
New name list
is open
Everyone who helped in making the movie "Panfilov's 28" was included in the end credits. Some preferred to provide the name of their ancestor who fought in the war.
The list of 35,000 people was nine and a quarter minutes long.
The result of fundraising depends on everyone
The backing from 554 people has already allowed us to go a third of the way to the nearest goal
318 400 USD
Pre-production complete
428 000 USD
Monthly income from subscribers
US Dollars per month. The most popular subscription amount
US Dollars per day. That's how much you spend by subscribing
Our Team
Andrey Shalopa
Producer, Director, Screenwriter
Kim Druzhinin
Mikhail Fedorov
Community, sponsr.ru
Mikhail Kostylev
Dmitry Kalyasin
Production designer
Mikhail Losev
SFX Supervisor
Ekaterina Smirnova
Executive Producer
Artem Kokin, "Vse Mashtabi" Studio
Historical consultant
Why is it so important to subscribe?
The shooting experience of "Panfilov's 28" clearly demonstrated that a constant cash flow is extremely important for the financing of the movie.
Constant is the key word here.

Let's say we have one million rubles a month. This means that the film crew can count on this amount and plan the work, based on the available amount for the current month, and for the next ones. You can make arrangements with the actors and the right specialists, i.e. plan your expenses. A movie can be made much cheaper if all the work is planned in advance.

If the funds come in in an unpredictable manner, the planning becomes much more complicated and, as a result, this significantly increases the cost of production.

It would be a lot more convenient for everyone if you stood by us and helped us throughout the entire campaign.
Is it realistic to raise 428 thousand US Dollars?
Yes. It is not that much of an amount, if you consider this: 63 thousand people who have signed up for a minimum package of US $10 will collect it in a year. Last time we were supported by 35 thousand people. But since then, you and I have released a great movie and the number of people who believe in us has grown multiple times.
When will the shooting begin?
We plan for spring 2020. We are doing everything possible to raise funds in time.
In order to comply with the schedule, it is necessary to collect 30.000 US dollars by December 2019.
What do I get for my contribution, can I get some memorable item, for example?
You can put your name, or the name of a family member who fought during war, in the end credits of the movie. You will also get access to the private part of the sponsr.ru platform, where you will see the private content: something that the general public will not see, or the news first.
All the funds raised will go into the production of the movie.
Who came up with all this?
Screenwriter Andrey Shalopa. Directors Andrey Shalopa and Kim Druzhinin.
Movies are made by enthusiasts?
No. The entire film crew are not students or amateurs, but professional filmmakers.
What's done by now?
The script, budget, movie teaser and everything necessary for the transition to direct preparation for shooting.
Ministry of Culture, sponsors - will anyone other than regular people help you?
We're working on it, but there's no clear information yet.
How do you write-off funds?
Оплата осуществляется через сервис Яндекс. Деньги нак покупка подписки. Процедура следующая:

  1. Зарегистрируйтесь на сайте litvyakfilm.ru;
  2. Выберите желательный уровень подписки;
  3. Вам откроется ссылка, переходите по ней на страницу оплаты на yandex.ru (в этот момент может потребоваться подтверждение email-адреса в целях безопасности);
  4. Там вводите данные своей карты;
  5. После успешной оплаты система предложит вам вернуться обратно, после чего вам откроются все скрытые публикации на сайте.

Это подписка, то есть средства будут списываться каждый месяц. Если списание не удастся по какой-либо причине, подписка не продлится.
Will there be another genre? I don't like war movies.
It's a movie about life and heroism, not about destruction and war.
What happens if you don't raise the necessary amount?
We will continue fundraising until we get the necessary amount. Sooner or later, we will do it. Sooner or later, we will. Another matter is to do it sooner than later. We therefore ask that you participate as quickly as possible.
Do you need non-financial support?
Yes. We need volunteers. If you want to help the movie non-financially, write to us at biz@litvyakfilm.com
I'm working on a related topic, and I' d like to share my experience. Interested?
Absolutely! Contact us, we may publish your work in the community or find other forms of cooperation: biz@livyakfilm.com
How do I contact you?
Through our social networks or biz@litvyakfilm.ru.
Our Partners
If you want to become our partner, write to biz@litvyakfilm.ru
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